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GTA Online Adds Salvage Yard Business With Yusuf Amir

Get ready for a Liberty City comeback with the GTA Online Winter Update's new salvage yard.
GTA Online Adds Salvage Yard Business With Yusuf Amir
Rockstar Games

New content is always on the horizon for GTA Online, and the Winter Update is due to bring back an old favorite for some new challenges. If you enjoy a good high-stakes robbery, Red's Auto Parts will have plenty of opportunities for players when the salvage yard business arrives.

While it isn't the only addition in the GTA Online Winter Update, the salvage yard will be a whole new way to steal vehicles. We've got all the details on how this will work and which Liberty City legend is on his way back.

Red's Auto Parts Salvage Yard Business Joins GTA Online


Revealed in the official GTA Online Winter Update announcement from Rockstar Games, one of the biggest changes on the way this December is an all-new salvage yard business. Finding the best vehicles in GTA Online is a neverending pursuit for some players, and now there will be a new stream of options.

These new opportunites in GTA Online will be under the guise of Red's Auto Parts, a purchaseable salvage yard run by Liberty City's own Yusuf Amir. You'll be tasked with intricate missions to steal cars for Yusuf, but once acquired it'll be your choice how to handle things.

If you're just looking for the cash, sell your acquisitions to Yusuf and rake in the dough. However, players who find something particularly enticing will have the option to salvage the boosted vehicle for parts.

Who is Yusuf Amir In GTA

The addition of this salvage yard business goes hand in hand with the return of Yusuf Amir, who some players may remember from Grand Theft Auto IV. While he was only mentioned in the main game, Yusuf Amir takes a central supporting role in The Ballad of Gay Tony, an expansion first release in late 2009. 

Until now, The Ballad of Gay Tony was the only actual appearance by Yusuf Amir. He was never seen or mentioned again until GTA Online, which first introduced Yusuf as a buyer for your vehicle exporting business in late 2016's Import/Export update. That addition only saw Yusuf mentioned by name, but now he'll actually be appearing in GTA for the first time in over a decade.

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