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Destiny 2 Lost Sector Today (November 2023 Rotation): Season Of The Wish Schedule

The Legendary Lost Sectors are end-game activities that rotate daily in Destiny 2. Here are the daily rotations for Season 23.
Destiny 2 Lost Sector Today (November 2023 Rotation): Season Of The Wish Schedule

What Is The Lost Sector Today

The Destiny 2 Lost Sector location today is Thrilladrome, on Neomuna.

Guardians can earn themselves a possible Exotic Leg Armor drop for completing it.

Below is a list of the possible champions and modifiers you can expect to face:

  • Champions: Overload + Barrier 
  • Shields: Arc + Void
  • Surges: Solar + Stasis
  • Modifiers: Shocker + Chaff
  • Overcharge Weapon: Grenade Launcher

What Time Do Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Reset

Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 rotate daily, allowing players to farm exotic armor pieces over and over. The Lost Sector will reset every day at 10 AM PT / 5 PM UTC following the game's daily reset. 

You can see how much time there is until the next Destiny 2 daily reset on the countdown clock below:

Time Until Next Destiny 2 Daily Reset

Destiny 2 Lost Sector Rotation Schedule For Season of the Wish

Note - As it's the start of a new season, the Lost Sector rotation schedule is still unknown. However, we'll be updating the below table over the next two weeks until the Lost Sector's settle into a known pattern.

The Legendary & Master Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 will rotate between Europa, Moon, Nessus, and Neomuna. The minimum power level for a Destiny 2 Lost Sector at Legendary difficulty in Season of the Wish is 1830, whereas the minimum power level for Lost Sector at Master difficulty is 1840.

4 December 2023 Thrilladrome, Neomuna Exotic Leg Armor
3 December 2023 Concealed Void, Europa Exotic Helmet Armor
2 December 2023 Bunker E 15 Europa Exotic Chest Armor
1 December 2023 Perdition, Europa Exotic Gauntlets Armor
30 November 2023 Chamber of Starlight, Dreaming City Exotic Leg Armor
29 November 2023 Bay of Drowned Wishes, Dreaming City Exotic Helmet Armor
28 November 2023 Aphelion's Rest, Dreaming City Exotic Chest Armor
The minimum power level for a Legendary Lost Sector in Destiny 2 is 1830. (Picture: Bungie/GINX Esports TV)

Lost Sector Modifier Meanings Explained

Here are some key Destiny 2 terminologies (also known as modifiers) every player should know before starting a Legendary or Master Lost Sector. 

  • Match Game - Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage. For example, if an enemy has a Void shield, it will be extremely resistant to Arc, Solar, and Stasis elemental damage.
  • Burn - 50% damage dealt and received from the given Burn type. For example, if Burn is Solar, players will deal and receive 50% Solar damage.
  • Shields - Players will face combatants with the given Elemental shields. For example, if Shield is Void, they will face combatants with Void Shields. 
  • Champion Foes - Players will face two kinds of Champions. For example, if it says Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, players will have to equip Anti-Barrier and Unstoppable armor mods to defeat them. It is impossible to defeat the champion enemies without the right champion mods or the right exotic gear.

Equipping the gear that resonates with the modifiers is the key to completing Lost Sectors at Legendary and Master difficulty in Destiny 2.

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