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GTA Online Adding Drift Racing and Drift Tuning Car Mods

The 2023 Winter Update for GTA Online is adding Drift Racing and players can expect races to drastically change.
GTA Online Adding Drift Racing and Drift Tuning Car Mods

Throughout the years, GTA Online has undergone some massive changes. From the large number of cars that are in the game to the variety of DLC that has been released, there is no shortage of content in this game. DLC and major updates tend to arrive during the Summer of the year and during Winter as well.

With Winter 2023 looming, it seems that we have some news about what is coming to GTA Online. Drift Racing is finally making its way to GTA Online. From what we can see, it will work similarly to Imani Tech. Here, we are going to go over everything we know about Drift Racing in GTA Online and what is available.

All Drift Tuning Modifications For GTA Online

GTA Online Drift Racing
Racing is about to completely change in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

From what was posted by Rockstar, Drift Racing should work similarly to Imani Tech. Players will have the option to add drift tuning to their cars. With Imani Tech, there are a couple of different modifications that players can add to their cars. Each piece of tech will modify the cars in different ways.

From what was noted, players can add Drift Tuning to their cars through the LS Car Meet. The LS Car Meet will allow players to add drift tuning to their cars and players can use them in Freemode. They can also use these drift modifications during the Drift Races Series as well. These races will be specifically made with drifting in mind. But for now, we do not know what specific drift modifications will be available to players.

All Drift Tuning Vehicles In GTA Online

GTA Online Drift Races
Players can use drift cars in Freemode in GTA Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Much like Imani Tech, we expect that there will be a limited number of vehicles that will be eligible for drift tuning. Not every vehicle is a racing vehicle so it would make sense that there are certain limits to drift tuning. Players will likely have to purchase the correct vehicle, add drift tuning, and then use it to participate in a drift race.

For now, we expect that only certain four-wheeled vehicles will have drift tuning available. Once we have learned more, we will have a complete list of all the cars that can drift in GTA Online here. Players might have a chance to purchase a vehicle with drift tuning already installed in it as well.

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