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GTA+ Members Getting New Vinewood Club Garage With 100-Vehicle Capacity

GTA+ members will get an all-new garage called the Vinewood Garage in an upcoming update.
GTA+ Members Getting New Vinewood Club Garage With 100-Vehicle Capacity

A major December GTA Online update is coming, and one of its most noteworthy aspects is the new Vinewood Club Garage. This vehicle storage facility can hold 100 vehicles, giving players more flexibililty than ever before with what vehiclels they choose to keep and drive. This new features will only be available for GTA+ subscribers, and is one of many features in the new update.

gta online vinewood club garage
The Vinewood Club Garage can hold 100 vehicles, making it a very useful place to keep unused vehicles of all kinds. (Picture: Rockstar)

On top of the all-new Vinewood Club Garage, vehicle collection management has also been made easier for players. On PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, players can organize and manage their whole vehicle collection through the Interaction Menu. In this menu, players can not only see all of their vehicles, but also move them between garages as they please. This means that this update will only include new features and gameplay updates like the Vinewood Club Garage, but also quality-of-life updates.

While the Vinewood Club Garage is definitely one of the update's highlights, as we mentioned, it isn't the only major change to come to GTA Online in December. Wildlife will now roam in free mode, allowing players to interact with animals in the Southern San Andreas landscape. Also coming to the game are drift races, additional improvements, and more. Players won't have to wait much longer to check out these new updates, either, with the update slated for a December 2023 release.

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