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GTA Online Shipwreck Location Today (November 2023)

Where is the Shipwreck in GTA Online and what do you get for finding all shipwrecks?
GTA Online Shipwreck Location Today (November 2023)

Where is the Shipwreck Today

On 30 November you can find the GTA Online Shipwreck in the following location: Southeast of NOOSE Headquarters in Palomino Highlands. It's found on the south side of the hole in the rock.

What Time Do Shipwreck Locations Reset In GTA Online

First off, it's important to know that the game's daily Shipwreck will change location every day at 07:00 UTC, just like the Gun Van location and Street Dealers locations. To make things simple, take a look at the countdown clock below to know when they'll next changeover:

Time Until Shipwreck Location Resets
GTA Online Shipwreck locations
Shipwreck locations can be found all across Los Santos (Picture: Rockstar Games)

What Rewards Do You Earn For Finding Shipwrecks in GTA Online

Players will need to interact with the one shipwreck location that has a treasure chest for the day in question. After you find the correct location, you will be rewarded with 20,000 GTA$, 2000 RP, and the outfit scrap. 

How To Get Frontier Outfit In GTA Online

Despite there being 30 locations, players will only have to collect a total of 7 outfit scraps to complete the Frontier Outfit. It is possible to check whether or not you have collected today's scrap in the Daily Collectibles menu. It will take at least seven days to assemble the Frontier Outfit this way.

GTA Online Frontier Outfit
Find all Shipwrecks and you'll unlock the Frontier outfit (Picture: Rockstar Games)

All GTA Online Shipwreck Locations

There are 30 possible locations for shipwrecks to appear in GTA Online. Unfortunately, only one of these 30 locations will spawn a treasure chest each day. It is recommended that players grab a fast and airborne vehicle, such as a helicopter, in order to quickly visit all of these 30 locations as quickly as possible.

All known Shipwreck locations in GTA Online can be found listed in the table, just below:

Shipwreck Number Location Description
1 Elysian Island/Autopia Parkway, Maze Bank Arena/Banning shore, near Miriam Turner Overpass.
2 Los Santos International Airport, north eastern corner, near the Devin Weston Jet Charter hangar.
3 Los Santos International Airport, south western corner.
4 Vespucci Beach right at the east end next to the breakwater and Puerto Del Sol Marina channel.
5 Under Del Perro Pier
6 Del Perro Beach, western end, near Pipeline Inn.
7 Chumash/Banham Canyon on the beachfront adjacent to Ineseno Road, north of Tahir Javan's House.
8 Chumash, north of the Chumash Historic Family Pier at the north end of Barbareno Road.
9 Lago Zancudo, south shore of Zancudo River mouth, parallel to the Route 68 junction with Route 1.
10 Lago Zancudo, next to a jetty, south-east of Fort Zancudo.
11 North side of Zancudo River, Alamo Sea end, just downstream from Ortega's Trailer.
12 North Chumash at a rock on the beach on the southern shore of the Cassidy Creek mouth.
13 Paleto Cove on the isthmus north of the Sonar Collections Dock.
14 Paleto Forest/Paleto Bay, northern side of the peninsula at the south end of Paleto Bay State Beach.
15 North Point, Paleto Bay, on the eastern shore towards Procopio Beach.
16 Paleto Bay/Procopio Beach, the western end of the beach near a broken fence.
17 Procopio Beach, directly northeast of the loop road to the beach at the Procopio Truck Stop.
18 Not Used
19 Not Used
20 Not Used
21 Cape Catfish, south of the jetty.
22 San Chianski Mountain Range, southeast of Humane Labs and Research.
23 San Chianski Mountain Range, south of Humane Labs and Research, north of Coveted Cove.
24 San Chianski Mountain Range, just north of Palmer-Taylor Power Station
25 Tataviam Mountains, just south of Palmer-Taylor Power Station
26 Tataviam Mountains near Tataviam Truckstop.
27 Palomino Highlands southeast of NOOSE Headquarters south side of the hole in the rock.
28 Palomino Highlands, south eastern tip of the large island.
29 Palomino Highlands, southeast of El Burro Boulevard, near the east end of the beach.
30 Cypress Flats south of Elysian Freeway Bridge.

GTA Online Shipwreck Locations Map Infographic

A detailed map of all 30 shipwreck locations can be found below. It should be noted that sometimes the boats are relatively hidden, so it may take some time navigating across the shoreline to pinpoint the exact shipwreck location. Listen out for a small bell chime which means you are close to a shipwrecked boat.

GTA Online Shipwreck map
Plunder these locations for pirate booty! (Picture: Rockstar Games / Reddit)

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