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The only 24-hour Esports channel, featuring live events, news and gaming lifestyle programming from around the world.

Ant and Sav want to fight. From Rocket League to FIFA or Street Fighter V, Ant and Sav invite their viewers to join them into an exclusive versus competition. Each episode sees a new team and a new game for our invincible duo (really?!) to test their talents. Enjoy.
GINX original documentaries that explore the stories and secrets from all your favorite games.
Your daily dose of the latest and greatest gaming news! Every day join the GINX crew for everything you need to know in the world of video games and esports, as well as the latest in the wider world of gaming culture.
The GINX team plays through some of their favourite titles from esports and gaming.
An inside look at the lives of some of the most iconic esports personalities across the world. The figures that challenged the status quo to define esports as we know it.
Join Anthony Richardson as he turns up at contestants' doorsteps with only one thing on his mind: to make a viral TikTok video! See if he can unearth hidden skills and talents, or if he just gets in the way and makes a mess of things. Whoever gets the most views across the series is the winner, but beware, contestants. As soon as he knocks on your door, the clock starts ticking!
Join us as we dig back into history exploring how your favorite esports titles came to be. From the initial creative spark through to the polished games which fill arenas around the world, this is Origins.
Have you always wanted a weekly breakdown of the latest gaming news and releases with two of your favourite hosts Lauren Kaye and Jazeena Plays? Well look no further with Pixel Perfect, the best place to go to find out what's going on in the world of gaming!
The show that celebrates both Virtual, and Reality. Each episode Matt Simpson is joined by a member of the Ginx crew to play an epic VR title, exploring the world beyond our own, and seeing just how silly someone can look with a headset on!
Shut Up & Play! is a gameplay focused show featuring members of the NPCS. Expect laughter, fun and tears. No member of the staff was hurt in the making of this show (we swear!).
Every week we unbox, review and test out the freshest tech products. From PC parts to gaming peripherals, we'll make sure that you know everything that matters about the latest hardware.
Cole and Stumpy take us through the latest news and stories in gaming, esports and entertainment. In their tongue-in-cheek take on an American 'late' show, they focus on the biggest features of the moment, interview guests, review the latest games and try out the newest products.
Ever wondered what gaming was like the year you were born? Or reminisced about simpler times when games spoke to you more? Well Alex 'Stumpy' Knight is here to guide you through The Archive. Every week he'll take a look at a different year in gaming, and probably upset a fair few people along the way!
Your weekly round-up of the very best video game news, reviews and action from the biggest events on the gaming calendar
Every week a new game, and a new round of intrigue, deception, and inevitable betrayal. The Dice Age brings players together to showcase their favourite tabletop titles and duke it out to be crowned the ultimate strategic mastermind.
Anthony Richardson and Adam Savag play through the first hour of new video games, or revisit classics.
A look into the lives and stories of those who have or continue to be a part of the gaming and esports industry, by looking back at the games that shaped their futures.
A nostalgic look at the best, worst, and weirdest retro games from times gone by.
Welcome to The Lab, the show that takes a brand new game or recent classic and examines it to determine whether it meets the host's highest standards. Join Matt Simpson and a special guest each week as they analyse a game within a series of strict (and completely serious) criteria in order to draw their expert scientific conclusions (sort of).
Enter the Top 10 world, where everything is ranked into lists of 10 items, precisely.
An irreverent look at video gaming culture.