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How To Catch Fish In Pet Simulator 99

Need help polishing your fishing skills? Learn how to fish in Pet Simulator 99 right here and make the perfect catch!
How To Catch Fish In Pet Simulator 99
Roblox via YouTube / NoobBlox

Do you want to know how to fish in Pet Simulator 99? You're in the right spot! It's time to roll up your sleeves and put on your wellies—because this guide will detail all the tips and tricks to make the perfect catch.

And the best part? You can bag a free Huge Poseidon Corgi in the process. Fishing in Pet Simulator 99 is not particularly difficult and can net you some pretty slick rewards. Here's everything you need to know!

How To Fish In Pet Simulator 99 Fishing Mini Game

Fishing is a special mini-game in Pet Simulator 99, available in Pirate Tavern (Area 27). Once there, go through the portal (the shiny cave entrance thingy)—it's not hard to miss. Then, grab yourself a fishing rod from the Fishing Merchant on the beach.

How To Toss Your Hook Into The Water

Next, go up to the water's edge and toss in your line using the left mouse button. Congratulations—you're fishing in Pet Simulator 99! But you're not done yet. Keep a sharp eye on the little bobber!

As soon as you see (and hear) a splash, left-click as fast as you can! This means you caught something. After clicking, your hook and bobber will sink under the water. The step is where things get a little tricky.

How To Control The Green Bar

Now that you've caught a fish in Pet Simulator 99, two vertical progress bars will appear on the side of the screen. Pay special attention to the first bar. In short, you must keep the bobber within the green bar.

To do this, click and hold the left mouse button to make the bar move up and release the button to make it go down. It's really that straightforward! The second bar is your progress—keep controlling the green bar until the yellow bar reaches 100%.

Note: If you don't manage to keep the bobber in the green bar, you will undo your progress and the yellow bar will start to drop.

What Are The Rewards For Fishing In Pet Simulator 99?

Now that you know how to fish in Pet Simulator 99, you're probably wondering what rewards await. The answer? Loads! Here are all the rewards for fishing:

Item Description
Fishing Coins Used to buy more effective Fishing Rods.
Diamonds Used to unlock more pet equips, amount of eggs you can hatch, etc.
Old Boot Does absolutely nothing.
Basic Coin Jar Drop a Coin Jar in the area you're standing in for rewards!
Rainbow Fruit Gives you the effects of every fruit for a short amount of time.
TNT Use it to blow up all coins in a small area.
Rainbow Swirl Rainbow particles appear around the user for a short duration.
Comet Send a comet down from the sky in a small area.
Flags Increases a specific stat for all nearby players for a set amount of time.
Books Increases your stats by a specific amount once equipped.
Potions Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me.
Pets You have a chance to find a Huge Poseidon Corgi!

What Does The Fishing Merchant Sell In Pet Simulator 99?

fishing pet simulator 99
You can buy four rods at the Fishing Merchant.

These are the available Fishing Rods you can buy. As you can see, the rods scale in price, with the more expensive rods offering potentially better rewards.

Fishing Rod Price (Coins) Description
Sturdy Fishing Rod 100  You could catch a big fish with this!
Advanced Fishing Rod 2,500  Catch bigger fish, faster!
Super Fishing Rod 30,000  It's super!
Pro Fishing Rod 150,000  It's a very efficient fishing rod.

And that's everything you need to know about how to catch fish in Pet Simulator 99. We want to extend a special shoutout to YouTuber NoobBlox for detailing the fishing mechanics and the Pet Simulator Wiki page contributors for sharing details on the rods and rewards.