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Pet Simulator 99 Patch Notes (1 December 2023)

Uncover all the new content and features in the Pet Simulator 99 update by digging through the latest patch notes!
Pet Simulator 99 Patch Notes (1 December 2023)
BIG Games via Roblox

Want to know what's new? Well, your search ends here—find the latest Pet Simulator 99 patch notes in this guide! Whether it's new pets, eggs, quests, biomes, or limited-time events, there's no shortage of exciting content and features headed your way.

That said, it's time to clear your inventory and expand your collection of digital companions! With so much new stuff to dig through, there's no better time to nose-dive into all the fun. Here's everything new in the Pet Simulator 99 update patch notes!

Note on 1 December 2023: Pet Simulator 99 has arrived! Be sure to check out our Pet Simulator 99 codes page after each update for free rewards. Otherwise, bookmark this page to know exactly what's hot whenever a new patch drops!

Pet Simulator 99 Update: Countdown Timer

The next Pet Simulator 99 patch will come out on 9 December 2023. BIG Games plans to release a new gameplay update every Saturday at 5 p.m. GMT (that's 9 a.m. PST or 12 p.m. EST if you're in the United States).

If you're unsure how long you must wait, you can refer to the countdown timer below. Otherwise, you can refer to our Pet Simulator 99 release date schedule, which will tell you when all future updates should come out.

The next Pet Simulator 99 update drops in
7 days, 23:54:43

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Latest Pet Simulator 99 Patch Notes

Here's everything you need to know about the latest update to Pet Simulator 99 on 1 December 2023:

  • There are no official patch notes for Pet Simulator 99's release version. But we will update this section once the next update drops on 9 December 2023.

Previous Pet Simulator 99 Update Patch Notes

Here are all the changes in the previous update to Pet Simulator 99:

Pet Simulator 99 Announcement (19 November 2023)

Release Date and Information

  • Announcement: Pet Simulator 99 has been announced for 1 December at 11 a.m. CST. A trailer is available on YouTube.

Pet Transfers

  • You can move pets and eggs from Pet Simulator X to Pet Simulator 99 using the Pet Box.
  • The Pet Box can hold 250 items at a time and is available for six months. Learn more about Pet Transfers in our separate guide.

And that's everything in the latest Pet Simulator 99 update. For more information, please refer to the official blog post on the BIG Games website.