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When Will Blox Fruits Update 21 Release? - Everything We Know

Are you wondering when the new Blox Fruits update will come out? You're not alone! Here's everything we know about Update 21 so far.
When Will Blox Fruits Update 21 Release? - Everything We Know

Are you searching for the Blox Fruits Update 21 release date? You're not alone! This popular One Piece-inspired Roblox anime game has stolen the hearts of players worldwide. And why shouldn't it? From the massive selection of Fruits and Haki to the non-stop action and PVP combat, it's no wonder players want more!

That said, many Roblox players want to know when Blox Fruits Update 21 will come out. And we're happy to say we have an answer for you. In fact, we'll do one better and provide a breakdown of all the new exciting features you can expect in the new Blox Fruits update! So what are you waiting for? Let's jump right in!

Updated on 4 December 2023: Blox Fruits Update 21 still isn't here but we got some cool new images of the Kitsune fruit! It was thought to come out last month but it might have been delayed to now. Fortunately, it will DEFINITELY come out this month, based on the roadmap released a few weeks ago.

What Is The Blox Fruits Update 21 Release Date?

blox fruit update release date time

Blox Fruits Update 21 doesn't have a set release date yet, but it's expected to come out sometime in December 2023. This guess is based on the Blox Fruits roadmap for 2023, which has already included two big updates: one called the Ghosts update and a smaller hotfix that improved the momentum of boats at sea.

The game's developer, rip_indra, mentioned on X (formerly Twitter) that they have more big things planned for November, stating: "We've got more significant developments planned for November. Stay tuned for what's coming!" So, we can probably expect Blox Fruits Update 21 to be released soon.

Blox Fruits Update 21 will probably come out in
3 days, 07:48:01

This countdown timer assumes that Blox Fruits Update 21 comes out on 7 December 2023. Initially, we thought it would come out on 30 November, but that never transpired. Since we don't know the actual release date, we will adjust this timer as we learn more.

What Are The New Features In Blox Fruits Update 21?

all new features in blox fruit update

There's not much information on what's coming in Blox Fruits Update 21. However, the game is expected to see even more improvements to the boat and sea exploration system, possibly introducing more dynamic interactions, including the ability to repair and upgrade boats!

In addition, it's confirmed that Blox Fruits players can unlock a new Mythic Fruit called "Kitsune," which will bring new abilities and transformation powers to players. Along with that, it's possible that the developers might add a new quest or Sea Event, which might be linked to a new item or weapon unlock.

Note: This Blox Fruits Update 21 will probably NOT include the Christmas Event and Dragon Fruit rework. We can expect this update to drop in early December. It's confirmed that there are two new items headed to the game!

All things considered, the primary focus of the Blox Fruits Update 21 appears to be enhanced sea exploration. In addition to these features, general performance improvements, such as smoother boat movement, will likely be part of the update, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

And that's everything we know about Blox Fruits Update 21. We will endeavor to update this page as more information becomes available.