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Marvel Snap Pool 4 Cards List (December 2023): Series 4 Guide

All the available Series Four cards you can collect in Marvel Snap.
Marvel Snap Pool 4 Cards List (December 2023): Series 4 Guide

Marvel Snap has a large selection of cards for players to collect, which are also divided into pools ranging from 1 to 5. Players must collect cards from every pool before moving on to the next one, but after Pool 2, card acquisition becomes random.  If you want to see what types of cards you can acquire from Pool 4, check out all the Series 4 cards in Marvel Snap on the list below.

Every Series 4 Card In Marvel Snap

Following the release of the November 2023 update, there are now 18 Marvel Snap cards in Pool 4 with more coming soon. This list will likely change following the release of the next patch and any subsequent series drops. For now though, here's the full list of Marvel Snap Pool 4 cards, including those dropping soon.

  1. Knull
  2. Darkhawk
  3. Zabu
  4. Stature
  5. MODOK
  6. Master Mold
  7. Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  8. Nimrod
  9. Snowguard
  10. Stegron
  11. Spider-Ham
  12. Spider-Man 2099
  13. Legion
  14. Mirage
  15. Ravonna Renslayer
  16. Mobius M. Mobius
  17. Man-Thing
  18. Martyr

Marvel Snap Pool 4 Cards Coming Soon

  • Havok - Releasing December 20, 2023

How Rare Are Pool 4 Cards In Marvel Snap

Thankfully, players do not have to collect all Pool 3 cards before they can start obtaining Series 4 cards. After you hit Collection Level 1000, players will unlock the requirements to begin receiving Series 4 cards from their Collector's Caches in Marvel Snap. Unfortunately, Series 4 cards are ten times rarer than Series 3 cards. Yes, you read that right - Series 4 cards are incredibly difficult to obtain, which is why they are some of the most sought-after and powerful cards in the game. Players will have an approximate 2% chance to acquire a Series 4 card, so be prepared for it to take a while to complete your collection fully.

There's also one more level higher than Series 4 cards - that being Series 5 cards. However, we'll save that for another time. After all, you'll be busy collecting all these Series 4 cards for quite some time.

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