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How To Rebirth In Pet Simulator 99

Want to know how to rebirth in Pet Simulator 99? You got it—find out everything you need to know in this guide!
How To Rebirth In Pet Simulator 99
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

How can you rebirth in Pet Simulator 99? That's a great question! In short, rebirthing involves unlocking a bunch of new areas (also known as biomes) in the game—and trust me, there are loads! That's because the first rebirth is available in Area 25.

The good news is that the rebirthing process is super simple, but it will take some time. Still, it's worth the effort because it will give you access to bonuses that will let you come even stronger. In this guide, we'll explain how to rebirth in Pet Simulator 99.

How Can I Get Rebirth In Pet Simulator 99?

area 25 rebirth pet simulator 99

To rebirth in Pet Simulator 99, you just need to grind through the areas while collecting as much gold as possible. The first rebirth is available in Area 25—it costs 750k to unlock. Once the area is open, walk up to the golden pet and press the "Rebirth" button at the pop-up.

Afterward, you'll unlock a heap of bonuses and rewards—it's really that simple. There are multiple rebirths in Pet Simulator 99, with each subsequent level offering better rewards. To reach Rebirth One takes under 30 minutes, so the grind shouldn't be too long.

Importantly, once you rebirth in Pet Simulator 99, your coins and areas will reset. You'll essentially "start over." But you'll keep everything else—including your bonuses! So, you'll unlock all the areas again (and more) super fast with your newly powered-up pets!

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What Are The Rebirth Rewards In Pet Simulator 99?

rebirth rewards pet simulator 99

After rebirthing, you'll receive different types of bonuses. For example, after Rebirth One, you'll unlock a portable cannon that will let you teleport anywhere on the map. All your pets will also gain a 75% power bonus—permanently!

In addition to that, you'll also get the Castle Key, which gives you access to the Trading Plaza, Spinny Wheel, and more. Here, you can trade pets in Pet Simulator 99 to expand your ever-growing library of digital companions.

And that's everything about how to rebirth in Pet Simulator 99. There's not much else to say unless there's something critical I'm neglecting to mention. Looking for more guides? Learn how to transfer pets or where to find all the Scavenger Egg locations!