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Where To Get The Oysters Akwinduu Recipe In Palia

In the mood for a Surf 'n Turf meal? Obtain the recipe and prepare ingredients to make the Oysters Akwinduu detailed in this guide for Palia.
Where To Get The Oysters Akwinduu Recipe In Palia
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Palia’s v0.173 patch update included four new fantastic dishes for players to get the recipes and collect ingredients to prepare for each dish. For those who enjoy a bit of seafood and meat in a single meal or bite, the Oysters Akwinduu is the perfect dish to cook and enjoy alone or with friends.

The recipe for this dish is one of three acquired from one of the new quests that was added in-game in the aforementioned patch update. If they love to enjoy a little bit of both worlds, here’s how they can get the recipe for Oysters Akwinduu, the ingredients to get them, and how to cook them in Palia.

How To Find The Oysters Akwinduu Recipe

Oysters Akwinduu is one of four new dishes included in the v0.173 patch update for Palia, which has seen players cooking up a storm in their kitchens. Players who are looking to whip up yet another delicious home-cooked meal can get this recipe from Reth at the start of the Your Order Is Served quest.

palia cooking guide recipes oysters akwinduu how where to get reth quest npc your order is served
Players will be able to acquire the Oysters Akwinduu recipe during the Your Order Is Served quest. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Once players have completed the Fit For A Watcher quest, locate Reth at Ormuu’s Horn Inn, Jel’s Tailor Ship, the Storeroom, or the Underground Black Market. Exchange some dialogue before he gives players the recipe, and they can head to their Housing plot to check what ingredients are needed and if they have them.

Specifically for the Your Order Is Served quest, this dish has to be Star-Quality, so most of the ingredients are Star-Quality, prioritizing the Oyster and Chapaa Meat. To save players some time, we’ve listed all the ingredients and their quantities needed to prepare, mix, and cook Oysters Akwinduu in Palia:

  • Chaapa Meat x1
  • Oyster Meat x 1
  • Onion x1
  • Spicy Peppers x1
  • Tomato x1
  • Heat Root x1
  • Wild Garlic x1
  • Butter x1

How To Make The Oysters Akwinduu In Palia

Unlike the Muujin Bahari dish, the Oysters Akwinduu is relatively straightforward to prepare and cook, but we’ve broken them down into components if they have a friend or two joining in the cook. Additionally, they need two Standard Ovens, a Mixing Station, and a Prep Station to help them successfully produce three Oysters Akwinduu dishes.

palia cooking guide recipes oysters akwinduu how to make cook home kitchen standard oven mixing station prep station
They will need to have a functional kitchen in their home, including two Stoves, a Mixing and Prep Stations, before attempting to cook the dish. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Let’s look at how players can prepare and cook the ingredients to make Oysters Akwinduu in their home kitchen in Palia:

  • Interact with either stove to begin making the Oyster Akwinduu dish
  • At the Prep Station, chop the Onion, Spicy Peppers, Tomato, Heat Root and Wild Garlic
    • Once the vegetables and spices are done, start preparing the Chapaa Meat at the Prep Station and then take the chopped meat and cook it in the oven
  • Next, head to the Mixing Station and combine the vegetables to produce the delicious Akwinduu Sauce
  • All that’s left is to pull the remaining components together, the bacon, Akwinduu Sauce, and oysters, to complete the Oysters Akwinduu dish

After bringing all the ingredients together, prepping and cooking them, players will receive three Oysters Akwinduu dishes. For the Your Order Is Served quest, they should have three Star-Quality Oysters Akwinduu before making Muujin Bahari and Petit Fives and turning them to Reth to complete the quest.

Palia is currently available in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is slated to be released for the Nintendo Switch this Holiday Season 2023.