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FC 24 Marquee Matchups SBC Predictions - Week 12 (December)

The Marquee Matchups are back in EA FC 24 and we are here to provide with all fixture predictions.
FC 24 Marquee Matchups SBC Predictions - Week 12 (December)

The Marquee Matchups are a popular weekly Squad Building Challenge in EA FC centered around important international and UEFA league football matches. Every Thursday, EA Sports unveils the headline fixtures of the week, creating a buzz among FIFA enthusiasts. Stay ahead of the game with our predictions on the Marquee Matchups SBC's we could see coming next.

EA FC 24 Marquee Matchups

Much like most other Squad Building Challenges, the Marquee Matchups SBC offers a range of rewards. Additionally, participating in these challenges is essential for accumulating valuable coins.

Week 12 Marquee Matchup SBC Predictions

The next selection of Marquee Matchups starts on December 7.

For week 12 it's another international break in the men's game, which means plenty of interesting Marquee Matchups.

Here are our predictions for the Week 12 Marquee Matchups SBC's:

  • Spurs vs Newcastle
  • Nice vs Reims
  • Juventus vs Napoli
  • Besiktas vs Fenerbahce
  • Barcelona vs Girona
  • Borussia Dortmund vs RB Leipzig
  • WSL - Arsenal vs Chelsea

Note: These predictions are based on the popularity of fixtures and our experience from how EA makes these SBCs. We try our best to provide accurate predictions, but the fixtures can differ.

The Marquee Matchups SBC predictions.
The Marquee Matchups SBC's change each Thursday. (Picture: EA/GINX)