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Wessel Minnie

Wessel Minnie

Wessel is a former member of Bravado Gaming, a top South African esports organization, and a former editor at He can also be found on HLTV discussing everything CS esports.  When he's not writing or editing, Wessel is clicking heads in Counter-Strike 2, pondering over the best Diablo 4 builds for each class, or venturing into the Lands Between of Elden Ring for the umpteenth time. He loves ARPGs and any SoulsBorne title he can get his mitts on, but feel free to email or drop him a message on social media with any interesting gaming-related topics you think he might enjoy.

Wessel Minnie


University of South Africa, Bachelor of Technology (BTech), Forensic Science and Technology

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3,248 articles published since February 03, 2020

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