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Dead by Daylight Halloween Chapter Review: Is Michael Myers Worth Buying

Dead by Daylight's Halloween was the game's first licensed chapter - is it still worth it?
Dead by Daylight Halloween Chapter Review: Is Michael Myers Worth Buying
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Dead by Daylight's Halloween chapter was the game's first licensed chapter, introducing horror icon Michael Myers alongside Laurie Strode as the survivor.

Here's our review of Dead by Daylight's Halloween chapter, including the iconic Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, and whether they're worth purchasing in 2023.

Dead by Daylight Halloween Chapter Review

Dead by Daylight's Michael Myers is a divisive killer thanks to his unique playstyle. When playing as The Shape, you'll need to Stalk survivors from afar, leveling up your tiers of Evil until you're able to reach Tier III and inflict all survivors with the Exposed status effect. While your Tier III power is extremely game-changing, you'll have to earn it: Myers is an extremely slow killer compared to others, making him a frustrating killer to learn for new players, who often intuitively get into chases.

His add-ons really make him shine and reward experienced players. Some of them will allow you to keep your Exposed status effect for the whole match once you've earned it once, and even let you kill survivors without injuring them or downing them first. While this may sound like it would benefit beginners, inexperienced players might find it hard to gain Tier III early enough to really let those add-ons make an impact.

Myers' perks aren't the best in the game but can be included to the benefit of many builds on different killers. They primarily focus on killing the Obsession after Stalking them throughout the match, true to Myers' lore. Play With Your Food can be incredibly powerful in some builds, allowing killers a great deal of Haste.

Laurie Strode's perks are, for the most part, a force to be reckoned with. Decisive Strike is the ultimate anti-tunneling perk, saving you from tunneling 100% of the time provided you're able to hit that skill check. The only one of her perks that's really lacking is Sole Survivor, which boasts you some benefits when you're the last survivor alive.

Dead by Daylight Halloween Chapter Review Verdict

While The Shape is a largely divisive killer and many will find his playstyle frustrating, he's rewarding for those who put in the time to learn him. I wouldn't necessarily recommend him to beginners, but he's a great killer to master, especially if you love to make use of add-ons and unusual playstyles.

The Shape's perks aren't the best, but most of Laurie Strode's perks are gems among the choices for survivors. Decisive Strike has long found itself a place in the game's meta, even after significant nerfs over the years.

Overall, while the Halloween chapter might draw in newbies who are interested in playing the horror icon Michael Myers, the content is really more tuned to DBD veterans. The DLC is worth a purchase for most players across the board, though, thanks to its great perks.

Rating: 7/10

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