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All of Dead by Daylight's Winter Login Rewards

Dead by Daylight will be offering daily login rewards all throughout the holiday season.
All of Dead by Daylight's Winter Login Rewards
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

In the spirit of the holiday season, Dead by Daylight will offer daily login rewards to players all throughout December. These daily login rewards will also coincide with the game's yearly Winter event, which not only features new gameplay mechanics but also rewards, a limited-time currency, and more.

Here's the daily login reward calendar for Dead by Daylight's Winter event, so you can get an idea of what to expect during this event.

Dead By Daylight Winter Login Rewards

dead by daylight winter login
Dead by Daylight's Winter event features daily login bonuses with Bloodpoints, Iridescent Shards, and even limited-time badges and banners. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Login Date

Login Rewards

Dec 1 25,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 2 5 Rift Fragments
Dec 3 25,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 4 500 Iridescent Shards
Dec 5 25,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 6 5 Rift Fragments
Dec 7 250 Iridescent Shards
Dec 8 25,000 Bloodpoints, Profile Badge (badge can be claimed until the end of the event calendar)
Dec 9 25,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 10 25,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 11 50,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 12 250 Iridescent Shards
Dec 13 25,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 14 25,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 15 250 Iridescent Shards
Dec 16
5 Rift Fragments
Dec 17 25,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 18 250 Iridescent Shards
Dec 19 25,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 20 5 Rift Fragments
Dec 21 250 Iridescent Shards
Dec 22 25,000 Bloodpoints, Profile Banner (banner can be claimed until the end of the event calendar)
Dec 23 50,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 24 50,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 25
5 Rift Fragments, 1,000 Iridescent Shards, 300,000 Bloodpoints (all can be claimed until the end of the event calendar)
Dec 26 25,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 27 25,000 Bloodpoints
Dec 28
5 Rift Fragments
Dec 29 250 Iridescent Shards
Dec 30 100,000 Bloodpoints
Jan 1 25,000 Bloodpoints
Jan 2 25,000 Bloodpoints
Jan 3 25,000 Bloodpoints

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