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How To Get To Roof In Highrise In MW3

Come and find out how to get to the roof of the MW3 Campaign Highrise Mission!
How To Get To Roof In Highrise In MW3
Picture: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 offers a series of complex and challenging missions, and Highrise is one of them, forcing players to navigate a dark and begrimed apartment complex. The mission's overall goal is to reach the roof, which is difficult; we've got you covered.

MW3 Campaign: Highrise NVG Location

6568983af0f27-Night Vision Goggles1.JPG
Highrise Spawn Location (Image: Activision)

When climbing up the elevator shaft, you will reach the location in the image above. Walk towards the wall with the "5" logo, turn and face right, and follow the wall until you reach the night vision goggles in the corner, as shown in the image above marked by the red dot in the mini-map of the NVG location.

MW3 Highrise: How to Reach the Roof

Head back through the corridor and up the stairs (Image: Activision)

Once grabbing the night vision goggles, head back past the "5" sign and into the other direction, following the corridor down. You'll find stairs and head to the sixth floor, and once you reach the sixth floor, clear all the enemies. There should be around ten of them.

Floor six, end of corridor, head outside. (Image: Activision)

After clearing the sixth floor and reaching the opposite side of the corridor, head out the window and follow the pathway to the next apartment building (image above). Climb through the window, and you'll reach a new area to explore, leading you closer to the compound's roof; enemies will burst from the ceiling, as seen below. 

After heading back inside, follow the ladders to the roof (Image: Activision)

After reaching the top of the broken floors, you'll reach the ninth floor. Simply turn right once you reach the top and head outside the door into the outside area.

Follow the path leading to the eleventh floor; this path is in the outside area where players can fall to their death. Keep close to the wall and follow the pathway to survive.

Outside pathway to the eleventh floor (image: Activision)

After entering this window highlighted above, you will be on the eleventh floor. The overall goal from here is to locate the shipment crate to jump through. Clear the eleventh floor from enemies and find the shipment container within the centre of the eleventh floor.

6568a8582c0cd-mw3 highrise jump.jpg
Shipment container jump (Image: Activision)

After jumping through the shipment container and onto the other side, clear the entire floor of enemies once again and head to the back of the floor. Finally, you would have reached the ladder to the roof within the Modern Warfare 3s mission known as Highrise.

6568a8db48fe7-high rise roof location.JPG
Highrise roof location (Image: Activision)

Leave the building outside this hole in the wall, and you will find the ladder leading towards the roof. Congratulations, you made it.