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Dead By Daylight Curtain Call Review: Is The Clown Worth Buying

The Clown and Kate Denson entered the Fog with the Curtain Call chapter.
Dead By Daylight Curtain Call Review: Is The Clown Worth Buying
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Curtain Call chapter features The Clown as its killer and Kate Denson as its survivor. The Clown can both slow down survivors and speed himself up, though his ability takes some skill to master, both his perks and Kate Denson's pack a punch.

Dead By Daylight Curtain Call Review

Dead by Daylight's Curtain Call chapter's killer is The Clown, who can throw bottles of his Afterpiece Tonic at survivors to create clouds of purple gas that slow them down. A deceivingly simple killer, The Clown might be mildly challenging for beginners who underestimate his skill ceiling. However, this skill ceiling can also be really rewarding for veterans to strive toward meeting.

This is largely because The Clown can also throw the Afterpiece Antidote, which creates a yellow gas that speeds up The Clown if he runs through it - although it also speeds up survivors, requiring highly strategic use of your power. A good knowledge of maps also helps, so you know you aren't just throwing a bottle where a survivor can run into it and take the free speed boost.

dead by daylight curtain call
Dead by Daylight's Curtain Call chapter features Kate Denson as its survivor. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

While I wouldn't necessarily recommend The Clown as a killer for beginners despite the relative simplicity of his power, his perks are a different story. They're incredibly strong, and can turn a match around; whether in the hands of a beginner or experienced player, they're all pretty strong, especially when used beside other perks with good synergy.

Survivor Kate Denson also has some great chase perks, notably Windows of Opportunity, which is one of the most-used survivor perks. It'll let you see any windows, pallets, and vault locations in any area, helping you plan out your chase and efficiently escape the killer.

Dead By Daylight Curtain Call Review Verdict

Some will love playing as The Clown and mastering his power, which is simple with a medium-to-high skill ceiling; however, his ability doesn't stand out in a growing roster of killers, and will definitely frustrate newer players who will need time to acclimate to how he plays. 

That said, Kate Denson's perks are some of the best survivor perks in the game, with Windows of Opportunity maintaining its status as one of the most-used survivor perks in Dead by Daylight. The Clown's perks are also stand-out choices and work with many builds on various killers. This chapter's highlight is definitely its perks, but if you can get those from the Shrine of Secrets and don't take much interest in The Clown's ability, you might be better off picking out another DLC.

Rating: 6/10

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