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Clover Retribution Codes (December 2023) - Free Rewards!

Looking for new Clover Retribution codes to redeem in Roblox? Your hunt ends right here!
Clover Retribution Codes (December 2023) - Free Rewards!
Roblox / Clover Retribution

Looking for new Clover Retribution codes you can redeem in Roblox? Keep reading! Embrace your inner ninja by diving into the world of the anime-manga Black Clover, where conjuring spells and mastering arcane arts pave the path to glory!

But don't stop there—why not cast yourself into a position of power? We've gathered a trove of Clover Retribution redeem codes, ready for the taking! These will give you the edge you need to stand out from the crowd! What are you waiting for?

Updated on 3 December 2023: We've scoured the internet for the latest Clover Retribution codes. That being said, rest assured that we'll keep this page up-to-date. Bookmark it so you can easily check for new working codes in the future!

Latest Working Clover Retribution Codes

Your hunt for the hottest Clover Retribution codes in Roblox is over! Below, you'll find the latest list of working redemption codes, which you can claim for free spins, stat point resets, magic spins, race spins, and more!

  • clovergoal - Free Rewards (NEW - added 3 December)
  • 30klikes - Free Rewards
  • cloverthanks - Free Magic Spins 
  • 28klikes - Free Rewards
  • !update1 - Free Rewards 
  • !raremagic – Free Rewards
  • !rarerace – Race Spins
  • !spiritssoon – 25 Spins
  • !timestats – Stat Resets
  • update1part1 - Free Spins
  • !miniupdatelater - Free Spins 
  • !14klikes - 5 Trait Spins 
  • !12klikes -  Race Spins 
  • !2millvisits - Free Race Spins
  • !10klikes - Free Rewards 
  • !clovergroup - Free Rewards 
  • !2millvisits - Free Rewards
  • !quickshutdown - Free Rewards

Remember, these Clover Retribution redeem codes won't work if you make a typo—so always make sure you've entered them correctly. If they still don't work, then they've probably expired.


Do you know something we don't? Help us out by contributing to this guide! Drop me an email at [email protected] if any of these Clover Retribution codes have expired or if we neglected any new redeem codes!

All Expired Clover Retribution Codes

Think of "expired" Clover Retribution codes as hidden treasures that might still hold value. Don't dismiss them—sometimes, they can still work and unlock unexpected rewards. It's worth giving them a try. After all, you might get lucky!

Click to expand the list of expired Clover Retribution Codes
  • !7klikes 
  • !halloweenstats 
  • !halloweenupdate 
  • !6klikes 
  • !5klikes 
  • !4klikes 
  • !3klikes
  • !clover_release

How Can I Redeem Clover Retribution Codes In Roblox?


Not sure how to claim your free Clover Retribution rewards? No problem—follow these instructions (it's pretty easy):

  • Fire up Clover Retribution in Roblox and get into the game.
  • Access the chat — you can do this either from the main menu, where the spinning for your rewards takes place, or in-game.
  • Copy and paste one of the Clover Retribution codes into the chat box.
  • Press 'Enter' to redeem your code and collect your well-deserved rewards.

Where Can I Find New Clover Retribution Roblox Codes?

If you're searching for the latest Clover Retribution codes, you've already found the best place to find them. Our page is the prime spot for all things Clover Retribution, and we're constantly refreshing our content to ensure you're up to speed with the newest codes.

Looking for more? You've got it. Fresh Clover Retribution codes are also shared on the game's official Trello board and Discord server. And just like with many Roblox games, the developers tend to release new codes on X, especially around major updates or events.

How Do I Play Clover Retribution In Roblox?

clover retribution redeem codes

Clover Retribution is a Roblox anime game heavily influenced by the Black Clover anime and manga series. In the game, players can embrace their inner ninja by unlocking their own grimoires and using magical powers as they immerse themselves in a world filled with action and magic.

The goal is to complete various quests, which involve leveling up your character's abilities in both combat and spellcasting. This involves a rich exploration experience where players can engage in action combat, cast spells, and undertake quests throughout the expansive game world.

The controls to play Clover Retribution in Roblox are:

R to equip a weapon if you have any.
G to equip your grimoire.
M to open the menu.
Q to dash and F to block or parry
B to summon a broom

And that concludes our Clover Retribution codes guide. But why stop there? You can get redeem codes for even more games like Death Ball, Jujutsu Chronicles, Anime Champions Simulator, Haze Piece, Peroxide, TYPE SOUL, Anime Fighters, Project Slayers, Roblox King Legacy, Murder Mystery 2, Adopt Me, Love Nikki, Anime Dimensions, Shindo Life, or All-Star Tower Defense.

All featured images are courtesy of Roblox and Shueisha via Viz Media.