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Dead By Daylight Chucky Chapter Review: Is The Good Guy Worth Buying

Chucky has entered Dead by Daylight's Fog, but how will chapter 30 fair in DBD's ever-growing roster?
Dead By Daylight Chucky Chapter Review: Is The Good Guy Worth Buying
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

One of the most fan-requested characters of all time to join Dead by Daylight, Chucky, has recently entered the Fog. He brings with him a terrifying new ability, and players can even take on the role of his bride, Tiffany, in the form of a legendary skin. While the Chucky chapter includes tons of new content and a surprise killer that many thought could never be a part of the game (owing to the limitations of his tiny size), it doesn't include any survivor at all.

Here's our review of Dead by Daylight's Chucky chapter, and whether it's worth picking up Chucky and Tiffany now that chapter 30 is available.

dead by daylight chucky
Chucky is Dead by Daylight's first killer with a third-person view. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

As we mentioned, Chucky is one character that many players wished could be a part of Dead by Daylight, but wrote off from ever happening due to the limitations of his size. However, Behaviour Interactive has dealt with that challenge beautifully in chapter 30, allowing players to play Chucky in third-person. This makes Chucky the first-ever killer with a third-person view, but it doesn't feel unnatural; the camera angles are tweaked to help players feel like they're playing a taller killer, while keeping the model itself quite small.

So how does Chucky manage to get around the map and complete tasks when he's about the height of your average chihuahua? Chucky is able to hook survivors and complete other tasks by calling upon his spirit self, who holds Chucky over his shoulder. Chucky's Hidey-Ho abililty allows him to scamper underneath pallets and leap forward at survivors to attack them, giving him both speed and mobility. To add to those buffs, he's also Undetectable during its duration, an effect that's intensified by fake footsteps called "Footfalls" that affect survivors all around the map.

With such a verastile ability and great stealth, Chucky is a well-rounded killer with a high skill ceiling, making him both an excellent pick for beginners just picking up the game for the first time to play their favorite slasher doll, and for veterans who want to master the intricacies of his complex ability.

Chucky Perks

Chucky's perks are great additions to the game; though none are going to singlehandedly win you most games, they're all interesting and have great synergy with other perks and in many builds. Perhaps the most intriguing of Chucky's perks is Hex: Two Can Play, which blinds a survivor right back whenever they stun you or blind you. This makes it incredibly difficutly for survivors to sabotage your efforts to hook their teammates, and can help you against particularly aggressive survivors. Friends 'til the End is powerful on any killer with mobility, causing the Obsession to be Exposed and even revealing their aura whenever you hook any other survivor.

Dead By Daylight Chucky Chapter Review Verdict

Chucky's introduction into Dead by Daylight's Fog is everything that Child's Play fans wanted to see - an accurate, creepy yet hilarious rendition of everyone's favorite slasher doll, complete with multiple purchasable cosmetics and voice lines. Despite the character's restrictively small size, Behaviour Interactive has gone out of their way to make gameplay for this killer feel natural for experienced players, yet unique in its own way.

With great perks, an iconic character, and fun voice lines, Dead by Daylight's Child's Play chapter is one that will have fans asking their friends - "Wanna play?"

Review Score: 8/10

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