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Where Is Madam Nazar Today In Red Dead Online?

Discover Madam Nazar's location in Red Dead Online today! Unearth valuable tips, her locations, trading secrets, and more. Stay one step ahead with our daily updates.
Where Is Madam Nazar Today In Red Dead Online?

Are you wondering: Where is Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online today? Good news -- we've got you covered. While little is known about this mysterious traveler, players who encounter her will know she is a keen purveyor of goods.

As a result, it's widely known that seeking out this NPC is worth the effort. However, Madam Nazar frequently moves around, meaning players must first find her to strike a deal. Fortunately, we know where to find Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online.

Note: We update Madam Nazar's location daily, so you might want to bookmark this article for easy future reference!

Madam Nazar Location In Red Dead Online Today

madam nazar location today

On 4 December 2023, Madam Nazar is located in the Big Valley of West Elizabeth, close to the Little Creek River.

An easily identifiable marker on your map will guide you right to her location. Keep an eye on the image below, updated daily, to help navigate your way directly to her.

When Does Madam Nazar's Location Reset In Red Dead Online?

The elusive Madam Nazar doesn't stay put for too long. Like clockwork, she shifts her location in Red Dead Online every day at exactly 11 p.m. PT, 2 a.m. ET, and 6 a.m. UTC.

Curious about how much time you have left to find her at her current spot? No need to worry! The dynamic countdown timer we've provided below is your best ally. It displays how long Madam Nazar will continue to grace her present location.

Madam Nazar's location will change in

Once the clock hits zero, she packs up and ventures off to a fresh location somewhere else in the vast game world. Be sure to check back here regularly to stay updated on Madam Nazar's whereabouts, and never miss an opportunity to meet with Red Dead Online's most enigmatic collector.

All Possible Madam Nazar Locations In Red Dead Online

Across the expansive map of Red Dead Online, there are twelve distinct spots Madam Nazar may choose for her daily location. These sites are rotated randomly each day. For your convenience, we've compiled a handy table below detailing every possible location where you might stumble upon this elusive character.

Madam Nazar Location Image
Heartlands of New Hanover, between Caliban's Seat and Flatneck Station by the Dakota River madam nazar location 1
Heartlands of New Hanover, southwest of Emerald Ranch, near Emerald Ranch off the border of Lemoyne madam nazar location 2
Grizzlies East of Ambarino, between O'creagh's Run, Three Sisters, and Moonstone Pond madam nazar location 3
Big Valley of West Elizabeth, close to the Little Creek River madam nazar location 4
Roanoke Ridge of Ambarino, south of the Brandywine Drop madam nazar location 5
Cholla Springs of New Austin: south of Twin Rocks madam nazar location 4
Great Plains of West Elizabeth: between the Upper Montana River and Manzanita Post madam nazar location 7
Scarlett Meadows of Lemoyne: east of Braithwaite Major and near Bolger Glade madam nazar location 8
Rio Bravo of New Austin: south of Benedict Point and west of Plainview madam nazar location 9
Bluewater Marsh of Lemoyne: southeast of the Kamassa River madam nazar location 10
Manteca Falls region of New Austin: south of Stillwater Creek and Thieves Landing madam nazar location 11
Cumberland Forest of Ambarino: near Window Rock, Fort Wallace, and Whinyard Strait madam nazar location 12

What Does Madam Nazar Sell In Red Dead Online?

Upon successfully locating Madam Nazar, you'll be greeted with the opportunity to browse, buy, and sell a range of rare and exotic items unique to her collection. Among these coveted items is the essential Collector's Bag.

While you can sell individual collectibles to her, completing a set and offering it up fetches you substantial XP and significantly boosts your $RDO. With a Collector's Bag, your ability to gather and organize these sets becomes far more manageable and profitable.

Remember, finding Madam Nazar is not just about trading goods but also about getting the necessary tools, like the Collector's Bag, to thrive as a collector. Hence, it's an adventure that's undoubtedly worthwhile for every player.

And that's all. We hope this guide, detailing Madam Nazar's current location in Red Dead Online, has been helpful. For more gaming tips and updates, we invite you to peruse our other compelling content.

Where Is Madam Nazar Today In Red Dead Online? FAQ

Where is Madam Nazar located in Red Dead Online?

Madam Nazar changes her location daily in Red Dead Online. You can refer to our guide to learn where to find her each day.

When does Madam Nazar change her location in Red Dead Online?

Madam Nazar changes her location daily at 11 p.m. PT | 2 a.m. ET | 6 a.m. UTC. Be sure to check back for the new location after that time

What are the possible locations where Madam Nazar can be found in Red Dead Online?

Madam Nazar can appear in 12 locations, including Heartlands, Grizzlies East, Big Valley, Roanoke Ridge, Cholla Springs, Great Plains, Scarlett Meadows, Rio Bravo, Bluewater Marsh, Manteca Falls, and Cumberland Forest. These locations rotate randomly daily.