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NBA 2K24 Tattoos, How to Buy and Remove

Find out all the ways you can get inked in our NBA 2K24 tattoos guide.
NBA 2K24 Tattoos, How to Buy and Remove
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One of the biggest draws to MyCAREER is being able to customize your MyPLAYER, and that includes a variety of NBA 2K24 tattoos to choose from. In the past, things have been more spread out in The City and The Neighborhood with a few positive changes to make things easier for players this year.

Of course, you'll probably end up spending some VC if you wanna snag the best ink or get your player truly covered in tattoos. We'll outline where you can buy tattoos in NBA 2K24, how to remove them, and the one way you can cover a player in tattoos for free.

NBA 2K24 Tattoos Guide & How to Buy

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There's only one tattoo shop in NBA 2K24, and you'll find The Paint Tattoo in the central shopping district near all of the other places you can buy socks or other gear. Once inside, you can browse several different categories of tattoos.

Your first step is just deciding roughly what you'd like, at which point you'll add each tattoo to your cart. This helps you get a look at how much VC things will be, as some of the more elaborate artwork doesn't come cheap.

For players not wanting to spend a lot of VC but still hoping for something relatively unique and personalized, we suggest finding a font you like and going with lettered tattoos. At only 100 VC a pop, a few large letters can communicate something about your player without breaking the bank.

Once you've made your selections, you'll choose to place them at which point you can adjust the positioning and size of the tattoo. When you've got things how you want them, just hit Get Inked and your NBA 2K24 tattoos will be applied.

How to Remove Tattoos in NBA 2K24

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Of course, with limited real estate on your body things might need a change. Whether you're looking to reset your tattoos entirely to a blank canvas or make a few quick changes, it'll still be done in the same location.

Choose the Remove Tattoos option at The Paint Tattoo after you've already added some to your MyPLAYER. While it isn't a free process, just like real life, fortunately removing tattoos is a lot cheaper in NBA 2K24. Once you've removed anything you didn't want, you can continue buying new tattoos to fill in that reclaimed canvas.

Are there free NBA 2K24 tattoos?

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There actually aren't any free NBA 2K24 tattoos in MyCAREER, but you can get an inked up player in The W Online. For players on new gen, this WNBA counterpart offers a much more streamlined career mode.

You won't have to bother with using VC to upgrade your abilities, running around The City or The Neighborhood to find your next game, or any of that. You can also choose a variety of large creative tattoos without having to dump a bunch of precious VC into it.

If you've got NBA 2K24 on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S and haven't tried out The W Online yet, Season 3 and every future season will continue to bring new rewards to the mode. We've got more details here on the Season 3 rewards you can snag in The W Online, MyTEAM, and MyCAREER.