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Peter Griffin Is Coming To Fortnite In Chapter 5, Season 1

According to a new leak, the popular animated character Peter Griffin from Family Guy is headed to Fortnite in Chapter 5, Season 1.
Peter Griffin Is Coming To Fortnite In Chapter 5, Season 1
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This is a developing story. We will endeavor to update this article as we learn more.

At long last! Peter Griffin is finally headed to Fortnite in Chapter 5, Season 1! The famed character from Seth MacFarlane's animated sitcom Family Guy is set to join the Fortnite universe on 3 December 2023, immediately after The Big Bang live event concludes the previous day.

This news comes courtesy of a leak, corroborated by notable data miners HYPEX and iFireMonkey, which shows Peter Griffin standing alongside Solid Snake (from the Metal Gear Solid game series), Survey Tiger Guy, and Underground Jonesy. The image was reportedly seen on the Xbox Store home page.

As you might imagine, the Family Guy x Fortnite crossover promises a blend of humor and action as Peter Griffin is posed to bring his unique personality to Epic Games' wildly popular battle royale game. Also, we couldn't help but notice that Peter lost a bit of weight...

Nevertheless, while Epic Games have yet to confirm this leak, Fortnite players can expect a Peter Griffin-themed skin to arrive in the upcoming Chapter 5, Season 1 Battle Pass, presumably with his signature green pants and white shirt, as well as some classic Family Guy-inspired emotes and accessories.

Like more recent skin releases, including Eminem and Invincibles' Atom Eve, Peter Griffin's addition to Fortnite marks Epic Games' continuous effort to offer fresh and engaging content to its players. That being said, the Family Guy character's arrival has been speculated for some time.

Two years ago, a codename "FrenchFry" (presumed to be associated with a Peter Griffin skin in Fortnite) was found in Fortnite's game files, sparking initial speculation. This was reignited on 12 January 2023, when prominent Fortnite leakers @FN_Assist and @GMatrixGames reported the reappearance of the "FrenchFry" codename in game updates.

As it turns out— like most leaks, this speculation turned out to be correct. Nevertheless, this latest crossover is expected to draw in fans of the show and add a humorous twist to the Fortnite gameplay. The best part? Fans won't need to wait too long!

Peter Griffin will arrive in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1, on 3 December 2023.