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Demonologist Patch Notes (December 2023): Confirmed Changes and Latest News

Here are the latest Demonologist patch notes.
Demonologist Patch Notes (December 2023): Confirmed Changes and Latest News
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If you're keeping up with the new horror game Demonologist, you'll no doubt want to keep track of what's going on with the game's patch notes. The patch notes list all of the game's newly added features, as well as bug fixes and adjustments. The Demonologist team updates the game fairly often, even keeping a Trello board where players can keep track of what's to come. If you're curious about the most recent Demonologist patch notes, you can check them out below.

Latest Demonologist Patch Notes

Demonologist's patch notes contain all of the most recent changes, fixes, and updates to the game to keep fans in the loop. The game is still quite new, so there's likely a lot of new content just on the horizon; keep an eye on this page for more updates as soon as developers announce them. The game also has some bugs owing to its newness; if you're struggling with your voice chat not working, you might want to check out these solutions

For now though, just below you'll find the latest patch notes and hotfixes for Demonologist:

v1.1.3 Patch Notes - November 27, 2023

We are pleased to announce that the patch 1.1.3 is live!

In this patch, we fixed the issues in certain situations that have been affecting gameplay and bothering our players. Our development team has been working hard on the main issues for a while and we just want to say thank you for the significant feedback and patience!

If you encounter any crashes after the patch, please refer to the: Clock Wizard Game -> Crash Minidump


  • Game migrated to a new engine version (5.3)(Loading into the maps for the first time might take longer than usual due to the migration into new engine version)
  • Memory leak problem related to Render Targets
  • Getting stuck on loading screens fixed
  • Fixed salt barrier decreasing performance even more as the number of players around increases

v1.1.2 Patch Notes - November 7, 2023

  • Farm House exorcism sequence
  • Farm House voice interactions
  • FSR2 updated to version 2.2.1
  • Halloween event ended
  • Russian, Croatian, and Spanish localization fixes

v1.1.1 Patch Notes - October 26, 2023

  • One of the crucifixes not being interactable on Farm House.

v1.1.0 Patch Notes - October 25, 2023


Hello Demonologists, Happy Halloween everyone. This update includes some adjustments, improvements, new content, and a little Halloween event! Along with these, we have a new category in our discord which will be active until the end of this month! Don't hesitate to use the channel for your Halloween-related things!


  • New map - Farm House
  • New 3 ghost data (Wraith, Yokai, Naamah)
  • New mask customizations
  • Halloween costume set (It's a limited-time item, and will no longer be available next update. Don't miss it!)
  • Inside tent performance improvement
  • Localization fixes

v1.0.1 Patch Notes - September 28, 2023

  • Getting stuck behind the door and being pushed out of the Deadwood House map.
  • Getting stuck in the piano.

v1.0.0 Patch Notes - September 27, 2023

"Hello Demonologists, Here we are excitedly announcing our new update and the release of the game! We'd like to thank you for all the support! This update includes some adjustments, improvements, and new content, and below you can find the update notes."


  • New map - Deadwood House
  • New death animations.
  • New ghost animations.
  • Hunt indicator.
  • Improvements to ESG.
  • Improvements to Canvas.
  • Level adjustments to maps. (1, 3, 3, 5, 10, 15)
  • Lowered the event sounds in Hospital.
  • Map performance improvements.
  • Ghost hunt interaction radius improved.
  • Balancing to the difficulty modes.
  • Hunt durations adjusted.
  • Chain hunt issue.
  • Localization fixes.
  • Some decals not showing.
  • Graphical issues.

v0.5.2 Patch Notes - August 17, 2023

Here are the release notes for the 0.5.2 patch:

  • Bedlam lighting and performance optimization
  • Salt Barrier performance optimization
  • Getting stuck in the Slider Puzzle in Bedlam when died
  • Problem with lamps not working near cells in Bedlam
  • Some localizations
  • Safehouse skyboxes issues

v0.5.1 Patch Notes - August 11, 2023

"Hello Demonologists, Here are the release notes for 0.5.1 patch. With the new patch there are some improvements, adjustments and, most importantly, Multiplayer Lobby Fix!"

  • Bedlam - The entrance door can now be opened without the key.
  • Bedlam - Sliding Puzzle is now solvable from the start. (No need to select ghost for it. Missing Puzzle Piece is still needed to put in though.)
  • Bedlam - Missing puzzle piece location is now determined from the start.
  • Bedlam - Fuse locations are now determined from the start.
  • Bedlam - Scalpel and Tape can be found easier.
  • Bedlam - Light intensities increased.


  • Fixed - Multiplayer Lobby issue
  • Fixed - Suzie's Story Achievement problem (You have to enter Bedlam once to get the achievement.)
  • Fixed - Entrance door hunt issue
  • Fixed - Localization issues
  • Fixed - Notes glow issue
  • Fixed - 2nd Floor Ouija Board issue
  • Fixed - In some cases, Sliding Puzzle could be moved, but now can't
  • Fixed - Ghosts getting stuck issue
  • Fixed - Safe spots removed

v0.5.0 Patch Notes - August 4, 2023

"Thank you for the hype surrounding the Bedlam update! And here we are happily and excitedly announcing that the long-awaited new update is OUT! And with the release of the new patch, voice communication is now working."


  • New map - Bedlam
  • Rest of Suzie's story
  • 2 New tools (Salt Barrier, Pocket Watch)
  • New side quests
  • New easter eggs
  • "Remove all" button to loadout
  • 4 New achievements
  • Notes can be seen in the tablet now
  • Hospital rewards are nerfed
  • Voice communication is now working
  • Back button problem in the "Random Map Voting" screen
  • Focusing object issues
  • Tent control camera issues
  • Some localization issues
  • Starting game issue when random map voting is active

v0.4.3 Patch Notes - June 13, 2023

"Hello, Here are the release notes for patch v0.4.3"



  • Added - 4 New pets
  • Added - 3 New death sequences
  • Added - New safe house interactions
  • Added - 4 New t-shirts
  • Added - Loadout Presets
  • Added - New optional objectives in Abandoned House and Cyclone Street
  • Added - New tool


  • Abandoned House's upper floor reworked


  • Fixed - Kurosawa's Garden and Attic fingerprint issues
  • Fixed - Abandoned House's upper floor fingerprint issues
  • Fixed - Localizations issues

v0.4.2 Patch Notes - May 19, 2023

"Hello, Here are the release notes for patch v0.4.2"

  • You can pet the cat now
  • Keeping the last selected difficulty level
  • Random map voting
  • Lobby blacklist reactivated.
  • Lighthouse storms are back.
  • Fixed - Safe spots in the Maps

v0.4.1 Patch Notes - May 19, 2023

"Hello, here are the release notes for patch v0.4.1"

  • Penthouse reworked
  • Blacklist feature temporarily disabled until 0.4.2
  • Tripod Camera freezing issue
  • Kurosawa House collisions
  • Penthouse collisions
  • Radio music issues
  • Kurosawa House Hunt durations

v0.4.0 Patch Notes - May 15, 2023

"Hello, Demonologists, We're so happy to announce you the  0.4.0 new map update! You can find the changelog below"


  • Kurosawa House
  • Upper floor of Abandoned House
  • Upper floor of Lighthouse
  • A new safe house
  • New safe house customizations
  • Crouch Mechanic
  • New radio musics
  • Dead players can now select and eliminate evidence of ghosts, but they still cannot select the ghost
  • Blacklist to automatically kick players who entered your lobby (Blacklist is not permanent, it resets when you close your lobby)
  • Players can be now use voice chat when tablet is open
  • Light house's lighting has been renewed
    • Localization issues
    • Infinite hunt issues
    • Flashlight toggle issues
    • Font localization issues of the notes
    • Invisible collisions in Hospital
    • Some collision problems in Cyclone St
    • Reading notes sound issue
    • IK Hand Painting canvas issue
    • Some safe spots in the maps
    • Some settings issues

v0.3.0 Patch Notes - April 15, 2023

"Hello! Thank you for your patience while we deal with the influx of bug reports! And now... 0.3.0 PATCH NOTES"

  • New purchasable tool: "Fulu Talisman" can be found in the shop!
  • ESG has been boosted by 10% and now includes the following voice commands: "manifest" and "show yourself"
  • Findable lore notes have been added.
  • Flashlight toggling has been added (default key binding: F).
  • Text-based voice command/speech recognition has been added (default key binding: P).
  • Single player reward boost has been increased to 1.5x.
  • New random objectives have been added.
  • New character hairstyles and beards have been added.
  • Added language support: Arabic, Croatian, Serbian, Spanish (Español)
  • New Hidden Achievement added.
  • Blurring on TVs has been reduced.
  • Altar collision issue in Abandoned House has been fixed.
  • Clock setting issue (Rewind/Reverse time) in Cyclone St. has been fixed.
  • An issue where the player can not move after dying on the clock in Cyclone St. has been fixed.
  • Some crash issues have been fixed.
  • Minor text fixes

v0.2.1 Patch Notes - April 5, 2023

"Hello,  Paranormal Ghost Hunters. We've released a hot-fix for localizations."

v0.2.0 Patch Notes - April 4, 2023

"Hello! We've upgraded the engine version! Hopefully some crash bugs will be fixed. We also added the Voodoo Doll, be sure to check the list below for more details. In the next "Minor" update we will add Daily Quests, a new tool and a random objective system. Stay tuned!"

  • Project version upgraded from Unreal Engine 5.0.3 to 5.1.1
  • Lighthouse lighting improvements.
  • Russian, Ukranian, Chinese, Turkish, and Korean localization fixes.
  • Added - Voodoo Doll.
  • Added - Ghost hunt growl sound.
  • Added - Lobby version mismatch system.
  • Added - A warning if unable to join the lobby.
  • Fixed - Safe Spots in Hospital.
  • Fixed - Ghost haunting issue.
  • Fixed - Ectoplasm stain issue.
  • Fixed - Time of death issue.
  • Fixed - Ouija Board crash.
  • Fixed - Voice chat volume reset when switching between maps.

v0.1.2 Patch Notes - March 29, 2023

"Hello, Paranormal Ghost Hunters. We've released a hot-fix to improve your gaming experience."

  • Added ability to talk to dead players via voice chat.
  • Added ouija board goodbye feature.
  • Added character customization in singleplayer and multiplayer lobby.
  • Added setting to hide cockroach in EMF.
  • Added setting to hide crosshair.
  • Added ability to loop around furniture in living room of Cyclone.
  • Fixed Light house kitchen LOD issue.
  • Fixed Safe spots issues.
  • Fixed Small fingerprints on the door issue.
  • Fixed Achievement issues.
  • Fixed Incorrect date issue on the tablet.
  • Fixed DX12 Crash issues.

v0.1.1 Patch Notes - March 28, 2023

"Hello, Paranormal Ghost Hunters. We've released a hot-fix to improve your gaming experience. The next update will include the improvements we're bringing."

  • Fixed misspelling of times in Cyclone Street.
  • Fixed Voice Activation issues.
  • Fixed Tarot Card revive issues.
  • Dead players can now open the tablet.
  • Added quick switch buttons for tablet.
  • Spanish & Chinese & Korean & Japanese language fixes
  • Fixed the experience for the dead in the Dream room.
  • Fixed the issue where everything was dark in the Light House.
  • Fixed death-related experiences.
  • Fixed Ouijia Board & Tarot Card Hunt problem.
  • Fixed Invalid characters on tablet.

Those are the latest Demonologist patch notes as of this month but stay tuned for more news and updates in the future.