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Alexandra Hobbs

Alexandra Hobbs

Alex was a former Gaming and Esports Editor at DBLTAP and, after folding under the FanSided banner, took on additional editorial direction duties on AppTrigger and Forever Fortnite. You'll likely catch her lost in the middle of Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online, or deep in a Final Fantasy playthrough. Alex also has a surprising skill for Fortnite Victory Royales though a slightly lesser mastery when it comes to Call of Duty, Warzone 2 and Apex Legends. She also has a strong love of indie games and is always excited to check out the new weird and wonderful gem. 

Alexandra Hobbs


Royal Holloway, University of London

BA Film, Television & Digital Production

Articles Written

388 articles published since May 17, 2023

Top Categories

  1. Fortnite (216 articles)
  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (110 articles)
  3. Warzone 2 (90 articles)
  4. Final Fantasy XIV Online (58 articles)
  5. Elder Scrolls Online (48 articles)

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